"Black and White"  Collection

​​​​"Gone To Far" Postcard series 
Ummm, so many things have crossed the line in this world...but, as I strive to keep one foot grounded, sand between my toes, standing tall where I feel my bliss...I find the other foot suited up and wanting to run far from all that is...in search of...perhaps that which does not exist...

"GULLable" Series

(Collection Heading to LuMartin Gallery in Laguna Beach September 1)

August 2023 WORK IN PROGRESS...

(more on the easel...hold please)

​​​Gulls embody the spirit of freedom and independence outside of relationships. So, when the Gull Spirit Animal flies into your awareness, it might encourage you to take to wing by becoming self-sufficient. Gull reminds you of your uniqueness and that you can have your way of life without loneliness.

"Wingin' It" Series

(See Collection Live at Fire & Rain Gallery in Folsom)

​June 2023

We all want to accomplish or execute something without sufficient preparation or experience...but its the journey, the inbetweens that matter most...why do we choose to ignore the most precious moments in our lives?

Windows To The Soul Series


(more coming soon...again, hold please)

In many traditions, the eye represents the window of the soul, this means that it immediately reflects our emotions, our fears, and our deepest emotive shades...what does your window show?

Fresh off the easel:

"Not Your Daddy' s Briefs" 

Hand Painted Vintage Briefcase Collection

(ONGOING PROJECT...Until theres no more briefcases to paint!)

"Not Your Daddy' s Suit" 

Hand Painted, some Vintage, some New...Suitcase Collection

(ONGOING PROJECT...Until theres no more suitcases to paint!)